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3 Generations
in the making

Since 1920 Casati workshop has been manufacturing frames for bikers from all around the world. But if one hundred years refined the skills and building techniques, for sure it didn't ruin the passion that had always branded Casati frames.

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Hand made
or mass production?

Massimo and Luca Casati make a small number of customized steel and carbon frames in Monza Italy. They know the Art of staying a small company. Not seeking for big numbers allows them to build frames with their own hands.

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Hand made in italy means
building your bike.
Not just a bike.

No human being is alike. Not everyone likes the similarity of a commodity. A cyclist looking for his bicycle wants more than a standard sized frame. A certain model may be perfect if it is made a little stiffer or more comfortable to fit the personal riding style. Design and colors have to match the customers individual taste. All this is only possible if the frame is made by hand.

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